Sunday, November 10, 2013

Removable Wheel Casters with Hard or Soft wheels - EZ Clean

For years now people have asked for furniture casters with wheels that would come off for cleaning. Up until now, we didn't think that such a product even existed! Who would need casters that had removable wheels? Anyone that works in a dirty environment. Hair Salons and Barber Shops call all the time looking for casters like this. Before EZ Clean, the only product that we could sell into that environment was a caster with a "Thread Guard".

In stock now, we have these casters with both Hard Wheels for use on carpet and Soft Wheels for use on tile and hardwood floors. If you have pets, now you can have a caster that has wheels that pop out for cleaning that pet hair.

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How Chair Casters and Furniture Casters are Attached

One of the biggest problems that people have is trying to determine how their casters are attached to their furniture. Because of this, choosing the correct caster is not an easy task. Most people are confused from the beginning. Above are the most common types of caster stems, plates and even a U Bracket. All of these are used throughout the industry.

Grip Ring Stems: For chair casters, the most common types are Grip Ring stems. They have a little "friction" ring on the top of the stem. The friction ring is the part of the stem that holds it to the chair. Many people think that this ring fits into a groove in the chair but it does not. It simply compresses when you insert it into the hole in the chair and then expands against the walls to hold the caster firmly on the chair. The problem with this is finding out the exact diameter of the stem. We show you how to do that on our website; "How to measure a Grip Ring Stem"

Grip Neck Stems: Also commonly used on some chairs but mostly used on other types of furniture; this stem is called a Grip "NECK" for a reason. The narrow portion of the stem is called the"NECK" and the "HEAD" is the top of the stem. There is a ledge inside some sockets and when you insert the stem into the socket, you push the stem past the ledge with some force. The socket expands letting the head pass thru but then collapses and thus captures the head, holding it around the NECK. Other sockets work in a similar manner. The HEAD is pushed entirely through the socket and is then captured. ALL Grip Neck Stem sockets work like this. If the socket is securely attached to the furniture, the caster will not fall off. Read more at on this page; "How to measure a Grip Neck Stem"

Threaded Stems: This is the hardest type of attachment to measure. Why? Because there are 3 dimensions to a threaded stem. The diameter of the stem, the length of the stem and the "pitch" of the threads or the "number" of threads per inch. All of these must match. At we have gauges to measure and match thread sizes but the ONLY way for the consumer to do this is to rely on a professional. PLEASE follow: "How to measure a Threaded Stem"

Plates and U Brackets: These are easy. The plate has the outer dimensions and the "Hole Spacing" or the distance between the center of the holes. If you are replacing your casters, try to match these exactly so that your new screws will fit into the existing holes. I you can't find an exact match and the object is wood, find a plate that is about the same size, drill new holes and screw them on. A U-Bracket is designed to slip over the edge of a board. Mostly used on the edge of plywood furniture, the main dimension is the width between the plates that fit over the wood.

At, we can supply chair and furniture casters with ALL of the stems shown in the graphic above. We believe that we have the finest selection of chair casters and furniture casters available in one place on the internet today. Come visit us!