Monday, September 15, 2014

How to "snug up" your CASTER sockets.

Plastic Sockets
Over time sockets can wear out. How fast they wear out depends on how well they were installed. If a socket is loosely installed into the hole in the furniture, it will wobble when ever the object is moved. If this is a chair, that will happen often. As the socket moves, it not only deforms itself but will start to deform the hole that it is in if it is in wood. Look at your caster installation occasionally to check for loose sockets. If you find that they are getting loose, here is a tip. Use some vinyl electrical tape to tighten them up. A turn or two of tape around a plastic socket might be all that is needed. This same tip will work on a new socket installation. If the hole is worn and your new socket seems to be loose, tighten it up with electrical tape.

Metal Sockets

Metal sockets that are used in wood furniture have a tendency to loosen up quickly. This is due to the fact that the hole where the socket is installed is not filled with material. Both the socket and the stem of the caster do not totally fill the hole. There is space around the socket. With movement, the metal socket loosens and will start to elongate the hole. To stop this from happening, use silicon sealer ( bath tub caulk ). Remove the sockets, apply some silicon sealer around the socket and into the bottom of the hole. Install the sockets and the casters while the silicon is wet. Do not use the chair until the silicon hardens. The voids in the holes should now be filled and the casters and the sockets should not wobble.

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